I used Mr. Zimmer for my divorce and he fought tooth and nail for me. My divorce was the worse time of my life and I needed someone to fight for me and have my back. He never let me down and I always felt like there was someone in my corner every step of the way. I would recommend Mr. Zimmer without hesitation.


      Divorces are rough, but eventually my life went from upside down to right side up! Mr. Zimmer and his staff got me there. They made me feel like more than just a "client" ... What lawyer takes your call on a Saturday night when you are having a huge problem? Well they did! If you want a lawyer that is compassionate and who will fight for you, actually returns your phone calls and who really cares about you then this should be your lawyer.


      Mr. Zimmer advised us on the prospective sale of our company. He clearly and expertly explained to all of the partners the ramifications of selling the company (including tax issues), helped us to obtain a highly qualified broker, negotiated our contract with the broker, and arranged an outside evaluation of the company, which proved useful as a bargaining chip as well as to increase our own awareness of the worth of our partnership. In all our exchanges, Mr. Zimmer impressed us with his knowledge, his firm grasp of legal issues. his clarity and expression, and courtesy and kindness.


      Ron continues to exceed my expectations on every level... I hired Ron three years ago to represent me in a very complicated divorce case that was destined to be full of appearances, hearings, orders of protections, motions and counter-motions, etc... in family court, criminal court, supreme court and the appellate court (including a five day divorce trial that spanned over a two month period.

      "Complicated" is an understatement. Every step of the way, Ron was there for me to lend his support and to ease the stress by preparing me for every obstacle that we needed to face. I can honestly say that throughout the entire process I was not blindsided once by anything unexpected. Every ruling by a judge was either exactly what Ron prepared me to hear or better than what I had anticipated.

      When you meet him, don't be fooled by how nice and compassionate he is because in court he is a bulldog... tough and never backs down unless it is strategically to your advantage. I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time observing Ron in action in court and the one thing that really stood out to me was the amount of respect that the judges seem to have for him. My ex hired a fancy $500/hour Garden City attorney and I have to say, it doesn't make any difference how prestigious your attorney is or thinks he or she is. I witnessed first hand how none of that matters if any attorney doesn't have the respect of the court.

      With Ron Zimmer you get an attorney who is knowledgeable, dependable, courteous and one who will work his ass off for you. No matter what you are dealing with or what you are going through, he'll be a friend to get you through it.

      "A Great Divorce Mediator!"

      After many consultations with other lawyers, my husband and I decided to use Mr. Zimmer for our divorce mediation. We just felt really comfortable and relaxed with him. I think our consultation went an hour and a half we talked about everything. This is one patient man and a great mediator I must say. It took two sessions and our case was completely settled. We had custody, visitation, support, the house, the cars, and our assets cleanly resolved. We did not want to fight things out in court but had our differences. I don't think we could have gotten a better result. All of us working together made my ex husband and I better as friends and parents.

      Leslie and John
      "My Divorce Case"

      Three years ago my life was turned upside down. The man I hoped would spend the rest of my life with did not feel the same. In fact he had already moved on without my knowledge. Needless to say, I was forced to make some very painful and heartbreaking decisions.

      My state of mind at the time was not a healthy one and I found myself unable to think clearly and make logical decisions. I had to hire a lawyer that could make decisions on my behalf.

      Mr. Zimmer gave me his unwavering attention and the tender loving care that I much needed. He was patient, informative, soothing and sensitive to my needs. He listened to me ramble on and on even when I wasn't making any sense. He acknowledged every feeling I had. He eased my fears and anxieties with a caring manner. I never needed a lawyer before and wasn't sure what to expect. I always thought that most lawyers were cut and dry but Mr. Zimmer went above and beyond. He truly cared not just about my legal issues, but about me as a person. He has gained my trust and I'm proud to call him a friend.

      "A Very Caring Concerned Lawyer"

      I retained Ronald Zimmer for my divorce action last year. I found Mr. Zimmer to be very caring and extremely knowledgeable in the law. I needed someone to help guide me during this dark period in my life, and luckily I had Mr. Zimmer. He always fought aggressively to protect my financial and parental rights and never let anyone take advantage of me. He was there for me during the entire ordeal. I was very happy how things turned out. Now, thanks to him, I can move on with my life with my kids.

      Melissa G.

      After having another attorney handle part of my divorce, I changed lawyers to Ronald Zimmer. I was half way through my divorce and really left with nothing and nowhere else to turn. I can truly say that he did more for me than anyone else ever did. I could not believe how things started to turn around for me once I actually had someone who really cared about me and advocated for me! I cannot thank him and his firm enough for what they did for me. I truly owe them a debt of gratitude!

      Denise R.

      I was referred to Ron Zimmer from a friend that was very happy with his results. I knew that I needed someone to fight really hard for me because my ex wife fought me on everything, and the lies made up about me made me sick to my stomach. I have to say that Ron fought for my rights as a father until the court finally listened. Nobody ever fought this hard for me.  

      Nobody ever listened either until I actually had a voice! This guy doesn't give up until he wins his case. I never thought a dad could win custody but I did! I am so happy, my kids are happy and I am one satisfied client! Now I refer everyone I know.